Why metricsmonk?

How metricsmonk can help your business grow

Metricsmonk is a web-based analytics platform that aggregates relevant data from multiple sources and translates it into actionable (or easy-to-understand) metrics for decision-makers in the social media and mobile industries seeking to boost return on investment. We give you the insights required to build better apps, advertise to the right audience, spot trends and track consumer behaviour.

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Advanced features for Premium users

Customizable dashboard

A customizable dashboard for analysts who know exactly what they want. You can pin key metrics here that you want to see each time you log in.

Prefilled profiles

Prefilled profiles help non-technical marketers figure out the most important metrics. We complete your dashboard for you with key metrics we are sure you will need.

Advanced filtering

Advanced filtering helps you to drill down directly to your target values. Filter down to the most specific metrics we can offer.


Get to know the users with demographic data. Filter down to key demographic metrics so you can see exactly who the users are.

User behavior

Understand the users by analyzing their behaviour. Once you have the demographic data, look further to see how these users interact with other apps

Enterprise solution

The advanced enterprise solution delivers custom data and enables multi-user access among other key features.

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